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HSV1 that causes cold sore is harmless to the unborn child during pregnancy1). Transmission of the virus occurs outside the body not through the blood. The danger of transmission is highest when the mother has an open cold sore on the lips, this for most people is when the infection can be passed to the baby. The fluid coming from the cold sore is where the virus particles are released2). This fluid should be kept from contacting the baby either directly, such as by kissing […]

Most people take action against a disease when the symptoms are there that are affecting their daily routine. This is particularly true for cold sores. The technical expression for this is acute treatment. There are many drugs available for the acute treatment of cold sores once they are there on the lips: Aciclovir Valaciclovir Penciclovir These products are sold as creams and have to be applied frequenty during the day. The active ingredients are pharmaceutical compounds suppressing reproduction of the herpes virus (Virostatics). Zinc Sulfate […]

A Swiss Company has Developed a New Gel Against One of the World’s Most Widespread Diseases: Cold Sores Insecurity, shame and grief – these are some of many bad feelings coming to mind when affected persons think of the next outbreak of their cold sores. No question, cold sores don’t only bring symptoms like smarting, itching and pain and, they can hardly be hidden away. Everyone can see them at the very first glance. People who are often in direct contact with the public because of their profession are worst-affected. Luckily, and at last, […]

Cold Sores without Chickenpox

Many people affected by cold sores wonder whether there is a connection between cold sores and chickenpox. Chickenpox is also triggered by a virus from the herpes family namely by the Varicella-Zoster-Virus, also called shingles. This virus normally is transmitted during childhood by saliva and it causes itching blisters. Afterwards the patient is immune to this form of the disease for the rest of his life. But the virus which stays in the body can be reactivated when the immune system is weak. This can […]

Women with cold sores have a hard time, especially when the most of their life is spent in public view. Actresses, models, TV interviewers, journalists, doctors and salespeople all frequently have to attend appointments and they have production schedules which rule their lives whether they have cold sores or not! Alexa Chung, TV presenter, model and international fashion editor wrote about her experiences in an article in The Independent and spoke out against hiding her problem away.( She describes with anguish how it made her assignment […]

The answer is: yes, it can, even though not so often. An open cold sore could lead to an infection of the eyes through a smear infection by wiping the hand across the face.  However infection of the retina (inside at the back of the eye) is of a particularly dangerous kind. If the virus invades the eye and infects the retina this may be destroyed. This, of course can lead to blindness1). Fortunately this is a rare event. In other infrequent cases it has […]

Going to weddings can be a chore, a challenge or a delight, or, it can be the world’s worst time. There you are on show to the world, cameras everywhere, tweets, instagrams and whatnot being posted to every wall in creation, videos streaming and you, you’ve got a huge cold sore. Nothing on earth is going to hide it and in a connected world everyone will see it! Well, as a guest you can maybe hide yourself away to some extent in the church and, […]

  The Herpes virus – more precisely the one responsible for cold sores – is the most widespread virus in the world. The scientists name it Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV I). 85% of the population carry this virus. Is this a reason for being worried? No it usually isn’t. Most of the people even don’t know they have this virus in their body. They don’t suffer from cold sores nor from the other symptoms normally associated with outbreaks. Another question people ask is: Can I […]

The Health Care Company Devirex Ltd (Switzerland), manufacturer of the cold sore prevention product lipivir®, publishes figures from its own market surveys on the prevalence of cold sores for the first time: In Europe 33% of the population suffers at least once a year from cold sores. Between 8% and 10% of the population have three or more, 1% have eight or more relapses per year.   In the UK: In 2014 the population was 64.1 million. 21 million people have cold sores once a […]

The herpes virus – the pathogenic agent for cold sores – which causes the annoying and unsightly blisters, normally stays in the head region. Mostly the virus lies inactive alongside the facial nerves. When the immune system of the host is weakened, whether caused by stress, by the flu or sometimes by intensive sports training, the virus may start to move along the nerves to the skin and multiplies, making many copies of its very fast. This leads to the ugly cold sores. Is the […]

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