This is a recurring theme in beauty forums on the web and in magazines which give advice on how to get them to go away faster. The truth is that no one knows for sure, around 85% of everyone in the population carries the virus that causes the problem. The itching and burning sensations are felt by many but the worst symptoms are the blisters and the sores as everyone can see the weeping sore and the horrible crust that lasts for days. Why some […]

Cold sores caused by the herpes virus type I (HSP one). This is the most commonly seen virus in the world. As reported in a variety of sources 87% of the world’s population carries the virus. That means that in the UK 56 million people have it Europe 350 million people have it in China 1.2 billion people have it worldwide 6 billion people have it But a great many of them don’t know it. They live their lives never knowing it lives in their […]

Cold sores are one of the world’s most common diseases. Many well known people and celebrities suffer from this form of herpes and have blisters and sores regularly. Many different publications have featured pictures of this.

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