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Going to weddings can be a chore, a challenge or a delight, or, it can be the world’s worst time. There you are on show to the world, cameras everywhere, tweets, instagrams and whatnot being posted to every wall in creation, videos streaming and you, you’ve got a huge cold sore. Nothing on earth is going to hide it and in a connected world everyone will see it! Well, as a guest you can maybe hide yourself away to some extent in the church and, […]

Imagine you’d have cold sores on this day: Probably – with cold sores – your wedding pictures would look like this: How you can prevent cold sores for wedding Spring is in the air and, as the weather improves, the wedding season is rapidly approaching! Everyone who has booked their special day is furiously planning and preparing for the perfect day, the perfect ceremony and the perfect video and pictures – pictures to last a lifetime… Lurking in the background however is an old enemy of the special […]

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