Measures to prevent cold sores

Most people take action against a disease when the symptoms are there that are affecting their daily routine. This is particularly true for cold sores. The technical expression for this is acute treatment. There are many drugs available for the acute treatment of cold sores once they are there on the lips:

  • Aciclovir
  • Valaciclovir
  • Penciclovir

These products are sold as creams and have to be applied frequenty during the day. The active ingredients are pharmaceutical compounds suppressing reproduction of the herpes virus (Virostatics).

  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Docosanol

These products prevent a secondary infection of the injured skin, once the fever blisters are opened. With this mechanism they shorten the healing time of an outbreak.

A man from Germany has developed his own rather drastic method which he published on YouTube:

He recommends people to squeeze the blisters when they appear and to disinfect the opened skin with medicinal alcohol.

A US company distributes a product which is claimed to shorten the healing process by applying light to the injured skin:

There are a great many different approaches but all of these try to fix the problem after it’s started.

Drastic method or lipivir®

Drastic method or lipivir®

New: Innovation in The UK-Market

People are increasingly thinking that it is better to avoid a problem than treat it. That intuition holds sway in the field of tooth hygiene and in protection against skin cancer (by applying sunscreens).

This was the policy of a Swiss Healthcare company too, developing a product for the prevention of cold sores. This company has brought lipivir® on the UK market, a transparent gel which is applied like a lip balm. Applied daily it can reduce the frequency of cold sores. A Swedish ice hockey player reports about his experience with lipivir®:

Lipivir® is the only product which worked for him!


Read the many feedbacks messages from lipivir® users in the cold sores forum.

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