Innovative cold sore prevention product – relief from cold sores for your lips

A Swiss Company has Developed a New Gel Against One of the World’s Most Widespread Diseases: Cold Sores

Insecurity, shame and grief – these are some of many bad feelings coming to mind when affected persons think of the next outbreak of their cold sores. No question, cold sores don’t only bring symptoms like smarting, itching and pain and, they can hardly be hidden away. Everyone can see them at the very first glance. People who are often in direct contact with the public because of their profession are worst-affected. Luckily, and at last, there is a new product available with a completely innovative approach. Applied daily it can keep cold sores in check in a way that can drastically reduce the frequency of the outbreaks.



The Emotional Burden of Cold Sores

As with other diseases there is a strong relationship between your emotional life and cold sores. These annoying blisters can apparently be triggered in some by just thinking of certain food or by having feelings of revulsion at some unpleasant sight. Conversely the blisters themselves often lead to a collapse in self-esteem, to tentativeness, and over the years even to social isolation. Most people who suffer from cold sores often would really like to withdraw into their own shell until the outbreak is over. If only they could be avoided: – “I would have a better quality of life”, “I would feel as good as new”, were expressions used by frequent sufferers in a focus group in Germany talking about the way their lives are harmed by cold sores. This goes to show what an insidious effect cold sores can have on people’s outlook.

Finally! A solution for your cold sores!

At last a new lip gel has been introduced which is applied before the first tingling appears but when an attack is most likely to occur – Exams? Interviews? Whatever might trigger an outbreak. Lipivir® is a prevention product. Putting it on is easy so you can do this immediately after brushing your teeth every day for best protection. Always before, the advice given was to apply products when the first signs occur like tingling, itching and as the blisters appeared. But, when these first signs arrive, there is virtually no way back, and the cold sores arrive. Not surprisingly most people wish they could be free of this unpleasant cycle of events and have a normal life. With lipivir® this is now possible! This novel approach and innovative product was invented for the prevention of cold sores and has already been successful for many thousands of people. Leave these blisters and the stress they cause behind  you – and rise above emotional stress, too!

Several 10,000 people in Switzerland and Germany have been trying the product and are really happy with it. You can find out more about their experiences at the lipivir® forum and at the shop where it is available in UK, Switzerland, Austria & France through

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