Save the day! Wedding preparation and cold sore prevention

Imagine you’d have cold sores on this day:

Use cold sore prevention before wedding

Probably – with cold sores – your wedding pictures would look like this:


How you can prevent cold sores for wedding

Spring is in the air and, as the weather improves, the wedding season is rapidly approaching! Everyone who has booked their special day is furiously planning and preparing for the perfect day, the perfect ceremony and the perfect video and pictures – pictures to last a lifetime…

Lurking in the background however is an old enemy of the special occasion – the cold sore.

While your wedding day will be a wonderful occasion, the planning and preparation is stressful and there is always a risk that this will let the enemy out!

There is only one product which can give you hope! lipivir® is the only product which has been shown to prevent cold sores. Many users testify* that their lives have been transformed by using lipivir® regularly – they know, they had cold sores every month.

But, even if you only have one or two a year your wedding day is one day you really have to protect yourself, and so you really need to buy a tube of lipivir® as another essential preparation for the great day.

And, if you are the bridesmaid, mother, matron of honour (or even the groom or best man) those photos are going to be just as important to you.

*Don’t just take our word for it here’s what users are posting on lipivir® Forum

Cold sore prevention lipivir® user feedback

This really did work within 3 days. My cold sore had gone.

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