Cold sores… and a life in the media?

Women with cold sores have a hard time, especially when the most of their life is spent in public view. Actresses, models, TV interviewers, journalists, doctors and salespeople all frequently have to attend appointments and they have production schedules which rule their lives whether they have cold sores or not!

Cold sores and a life in media

Cold sores and a life in media

Alexa Chung, TV presenter, model and international fashion editor wrote about her experiences in an article in The Independent and spoke out against hiding her problem away.(

She describes with anguish how it made her assignment covering the London Fashion Week for a movie magazine go such a horrible experience. She writes graphically about how she felt to be in front of everybody with a great big cold sore on her lip and trying to cover it up and worse, her fear each time she had to be photographed, only saying yes when the photographer said he would airbrush the result. Then when she finally got to meet with Kayne West who had dropped into the event, how, when he tried to give her a greeting kiss screamed out “No Kayne! I’m diseased!”, and immediately regretted it, feeling dreadful.

Alexa Chung is not alone when she says that when you’re afflicted with a cold sore the last thing you want to be is out with other people sneering or having them feel sorry for you. You’d much rather be alone at home.

Relief is in prospect – from Switzerland

Around 33% of the population suffer from cold sores and most prefer not to leave home when these unsightly blisters are around their lips. The Swiss Healthcare company Devirex has developed a new prevention product that is now available in the UK market. Using it twice daily, lipivir® can help radically reduce the frequency of outbreaks. In a survey in Germany 90% of 6‘000 people confirmed this after they had tried it.

Users in UK are writing about their experiences with lipivir® in the lipivir® forum.
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