The herpes virus : the most widespread virus in the world

Cold sores caused by the herpes virus type I (HSP one). This is the most commonly seen virus in the world. As reported in a variety of sources 87% of the world’s population carries the virus.

Herpes is the most widespread virus in the world

Herpes is the most widespread virus in the world

That means that

  • in the UK 56 million people have it
  • Europe 350 million people have it
  • in China 1.2 billion people have it
  • worldwide 6 billion people have it

But a great many of them don’t know it. They live their lives never knowing it lives in their body as they have no symptoms. However 38% of these people are not so lucky and have regular outbreaks cold sores (one or many more each year). The open cold sores are the way that the virus travels from man-to-man. This is its survival strategy on its way to spread across the world. It’s a very successful strategy as the evidence shows. Lately Lipivir published statistics on cold sores for the first time.

The millions of people who regularly suffer from cold sores are really ill, they feel bad and their social lives are really badly affected. They feel disfigured and ashamed and want to hide away. They certainly don’t want to meet up with their friends or have to go out in public when their lips are blistered and weeping, which makes life a misery. They all share the wish for a life without cold sores.


Different types of herpes viruses

As the indication ‘type one’ foreshadows there are several different types of herpes. Check out happy-with-herpes for more information and a clear summary of the 8 different types of herpes viruses.


Relief from cold sores – Innovative cold sore prevention product from Switzerland!

At last there is a new product which helps to reduce the frequency of cold sores sometimes completely. The colourless gel was discovered in Switzerland and is now available in the UK market. Daily preventative use has been shown to almost completely halt the outbreaks for most people.


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  1. Dear Lipivir This is my feedback Last year before the winter started you sent me a tube of lipivir as my 2 daughters and myself suffer from cold sores well we have all used Lipivir not all at the same time I would just like to say that Lipivir is like a tube of magic we used it as soon as we felt that dreaded tingle in less than 24 hours the tingle went and we had no sighns of a cold sore I would like to thank you so much now we know we will never have to suffer with them like we used to thank you so so much Paula Ormond

  2. Hello Paula, thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it and are glad to hear about your success. Please kindly notice that we would recommend applying lipivir daily for best protection.
    Hopefully you will keep having great results! Please keep us updated.
    We would really appreciate your feedback also in our talk about section:

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